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25" cut AS63 2T Mulching Brushcutter Mower


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The AS 63 2T Mulching Brushcutter Mower offers a high performance, easy handling and easy transporting for cutting high grass even on steep slopes where access is limited.

Strength is the principle of the AS 65 2T
Strength is the principle of the AS 65 2T – climbing steep hills and cutting heavy growth makes it the ultimate tool for those who have to encounter the grass wilderness. Pure efficiency with a cutting width of 65 cm.The AS 2-stroke engine brings its ample torque to bear on steep slopes and on large areas with strong growth, high grass and bushes. In this regard, the limited-slip differential, in conjunction with the 5-speed manual transmission guarantees permanent traction, manoeuvrability and safety. The AS cross-blade system reliably chops for impressive mowing performance; the cutting force is maximized per engine blade gear reduction of 2:1.

  • Cutting width (working width) (cm) - 65
  • Cutting height (mm) - 50 to 90
  • Height adjustment - Central, variable
  • Work rate max. (m²/h) - 3300
  • Grass height (cm) - approx. 130
  • Engine designSingle-cylinder, two-stroke engine
  • Engine type - AS-Motor, AS 165 catalytic converter
  • Displacement (cm³) - 165
  • Power (kW (hp)) - 4,4 (6,0)
  • Engine speed (rpm) - 4500
  • Starting device - Rope start
  • Traction drive - Rear wheel drive mechanical manual transmission with limited-slip differential
  • Weight (kg) - 116
  • Drive speed, forward (km/h) - 1,6 - 4,5
  • Drive speed, reverse (km/h) - 2,2
  • Operating dimensions (cm L/W/H) - 220/71/99
  • Transport dimensions (cm L/W/H) - 183/85/101
  • Cutting device, type - Blade bar and wing blade
  • Fill quantity - fuel tank (liters) - 5
  • Hand-arm vibration AH, W (m/s²) - 3,5

  • Noise Value 100db maximum guaranteed noise level Speed - 5 speed gearbox: 1st 1.9km/h (1.2mph); 2nd 3.0km/h (1.9mph); 3rd 4.5km/h (2.8mph); 4th 5.7km/h (3.6mph); 5th 6.7km/h (4.2mph)
  • Do not operate the engine in confined spaces where exhaust fumes (carbon monoxide) can collect.
  • Always pull the starter cord slowly until resistance is felt. Then pull the cord rapidly to avoid kickback and prevent hand or arm injury.
  • Mow only in daylight or good artificial light.
  • Avoid using the machine on wet grass, where feasible.
  • Always be sure of your footing on slopes.
  • Walk, never run.
  • Do not mow excessively steep slopes of more than 20º and mow across the face of slopes, never up and down.
  • Exercise extreme caution when changing direction.


  • All machines are supplied assembled, PDI'd, tested and working. Ready-to-Use.
  • All machines get 10% Discount on Servicing for the "Life of the Machine"
  • FREE DELIVERY TO BN, RH and some TN, PO & GU Postodes by Appointment
    Trade & Account Discounts will be applied before Invoicing

  • Model: G60000102
  • Manufactured by: AS Motors

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